Meet Tutorbot

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    What's Tutorbot?

    An Artificially Intelligent alternative to human tutors and educational software – Easy and autonomous, with room for customization and of course, parental controls.

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    A Virtual Tutor.

    Your child’s education is important to you, and we recognize that private tutors are not accessible to everyone. That’s why we developed Tutorbot.

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    Integrated Education.

    Through a seamless switching between open conversation and guided discussions on academic topics, we provide a much more complete solution than any competing product.

Conversational User Interface

Presenting material in the form of a natural conversation fosters creativity and makes learning fun. This builds a productive relationship, in which the child looks forward to educational time. Our simulated “classmate” fosters a desire for knowledge – and this is the most fundamental goal of education.
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    Why is it Better?

    Unlike many current educational software options, Tutorbot is somewhere between a textbook and an educator. It provides the best of both of those worlds.

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    Dynamic Environment.

    Based on a student’s learning style and recurring difficulties, exercises are constructed dynamically – and are unique to each student.

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    Machine Learning.

    As more people use Tutorbot, it will learn more about how students learn. Over time, it can become quite sensitive to an individual student’s learning style.


A structured system is of course important, because it guides the child’s learning. It provides direction and control, as well as the discipline provided by a teacher. All educational topics can follow a logical breakdown, which will be reflected in the lesson plans. Although we are trying to provide a more rich experience as well, we recognize that learning must be grounded in established methods.


Developing good language skills is key to all learning. Tutorbot completely deviates from the norm for this kind of educational software. We think that education should be seen as a well-rounded and comprehensive whole, and so we are focusing more on students’ actual understanding and on guiding abstract thought. Previously, this has been an advantage that only an involved human tutor could provide.

Custom Social Integration

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    We plan to introduce a social element to our safe and child-friendly network. Students can be paired with other students anywhere, for everyone’s benefit. For instance, students can work on group activities under the supervision and guidance of Tutorbot.

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    Conversation = Creativity

    Tutorbot’s purely conversational mode will allow your child to ask questions about the world, within the context of age-appropriate education. It also can simply provide a “friend” to encourage creative expression.

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    Verbal Advantage

    Since Tutorbot is totally verbal in its controls, it does not require literacy to get started. This allows younger children to begin learning how to read and write with it, or even enjoy art activities.