Introducing the Future of Education

Discover Tutorbot

Tutorbot™ is the first instance of our innovative system of designing, teaching, and distributing artificially intelligent software. It’s an interactive cross between a tutor and a friend for your child – and it will help them pursue learning in a whole new way, that they’ll love! Watch our video to get an idea of how Tutorbot can help your child, or click below to read about how it works.

Our Technologies

  • A Versatile Springboard

    We are developing Tutorbot as a PaaS, or “Platform as a Service”. This means that we will maintain the central system, which supports and stores “Activities” – just like apps in an appstore.

  • A Wealth of Activities

    This platform-oriented structure is useful to parents, developers, and educators – It results in a central hub for resources to be designed that work well with each other, and are easy to add or edit, because of their modularity.

  • Accessible to Different Skill Levels

    We expect that Tutorbot will eventually offer both a wider and deeper curriculum than other online education systems – because of the power of open source development. Educators, organizations such as museums, or anyone at all can develop for it. Our system of ratings and reviews will keep the best Activities at the top – and of course, filter out inappropriate Activities.

Spoken Dialogue System

The most advanced, yet natural, method of communication we have is speech. On top of that, the structures of language are vital to the way we think, and thus a foundation for all education. That’s why we are working on a spoken dialogue management system that will enable developers to integrate conversational UI into their AI-enabled applications

Machine Learning Pipeline

As humans, we use our senses to interact with others and make decisions in an ever-changing environment. With the advent of AI-enabledapps, our personal devices will be able to do that as well. Our machine learning pipeline manager allows developers to analyze data from cameras, microphones, and other sensors. These AI constructs will ultimately be able to make informed decisions.

Concurrent Process Manager

A key feature of any system is its scalability, especially as applied to artificial intelligence. In the near-future, AI-enabled applications will be capable of myriad tasks and intelligent processes. ARAI’s concurrent process management system allows developers to build scalable AI applications capable of prioritizing and executing a boundless number of tasks.

As a source of an educational curriculum, we have entered an agreement with Gravitas Publications, best known for their “Real-Science-4-Kids” program of home-based supplementary materials. We’ll keep you updated when we have sample materials to present!ARAI Public Relations